Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 12 GZ

We are approaching the end of our trip in China! It has been a great trip but we are ready to get back home and start life as a family of four. Yesterday (Monday) we had our consulate appointment at the US embassy. We filled all of our paperwork and they will be returning Charlie's visa this afternoon (Tuesday)! After that we are free to travel back to the US. After our CA appointment we went to the safari park with most of the other Bethany families. It was a great experience and Charlie loved seeing all the animals. He smiled and clapped his hands a lot while we were there. He also really liked riding in the stroller while we were there. While were were on the safari train at the park there was a rain storm but be had good weather the rest of the time. No cameras were allowed at the embassy so all the pictures are from the safari park :)

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