Sunday, May 19, 2013

Days 9, 10, & 11 Guangzhou

It has been difficult getting a good connection here at the hotel so I have missed a few updates! We are enjoying some relaxing days in Guangzhou. Our schedule hasn't been as busy and we are getting some free time to play and  swim together. On Friday Charlie had his medical appointment and he was not very happy about any of it. Saturday we enjoyed a walk to lake in the city and swimming by the pool.  Charlie loves the pool and he is very relaxed while we are in the pool together. We had a nice dinner with many of the Bethany families Saturday night. The weather is soooo humid and warm here. It is very tropical feeling and it has been cloudy with chances for rain every day.

Today (Sunday) we took a bus over to the Folk Museum and then to Shamen Island for lunch and a chance to do some shopping. We got some good things today including Charlie's first pair of "squeaky" shoes. I am pretty sure those are going to drive the dog crazy! Tonight we are going to dinner with some other families that have all met as a part of our facebook group.

Tomorrow we have our appointment at the consulate @ 8:30 in the morning! That is our final step to apply for his visa to come home!!!!!!!

Jim & Charlie checking out the park map

Underground tunnels to use instead of crossing the street

Locals relaxing in front of the folk museum

Charlie loves to practice walking up & down steps 

He wasn't quite sure about these bronze statues on Shamen Island...people were laughing at him because he got in line with other "kids" :) It was very cute! 

Loving his "squeaky" shoes! 

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