Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 8 - Gaungzhou!!!

We've made it to our final stop in China! Today we left Beijing right after breakfast this morning and we made it back to the airport so we could catch our flight to Guangzhou. This flight was much better than the last once although Charlie was still stressed and he wanted to eat for the entire 3 hour flight. I can't imagine the 13 hour flight coming up! We better pack a lot of snacks.

We got to the China Marriott around 4:30 and we were finally able to unpack and settle into our room. We haven't really had the chance to unpack yet this trip. Tomorrow Charlie has a physical in the morning and then we will get some real laundry done (not just hand washing in the sink) & do a little grocery shopping! Charlie is not a fan of the US formula and we need to get him more of the kind he was previously using.

Tonight we walked a little around the hotel area and then settled back into the room early. Looking forward to seeing more of the city tomorrow. It is totally different here than our other stops. Very warm & humid. There are lots of tropical plants and trees. Feels like Florida. We are in another huge city. and this is a really big hotel set up to be used during the trade fairs. Everything is really nice. We are looking forward to trying out the pool and getting some Starbucks tomorrow! Our room overlooks the pool area so we have a nice view.

The most important news we heard today was that the Consulate reopened this afternoon!!! This is great news and lots of families were squeezed in today so that they could try to get home soon. We should have any delays coming home now! We were really worried that we could be looking at an extended in-counrty stay while things were being resolved! Only 6 more days until we get to take the journey back home home! Today was our 4th plane ride in a little over a week...only 2 more to go next week. We've been way north near inner the border of Inner Mongolia and now we are in one of the most Southern regions. We are definitely getting to experience lots of different aspects of China on this trip!

Here's what our day looked like today....
More time riding in the van (I have a feeling he's not going to like the car seat when we get home)

Beijing side street 

Today's plane...2nd time at this airport this week 

On our ride to the hotel - city streets in Guangzhou

Jim and Charlie (he's asleep again)

Apartments in GZ 

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Lindsay DeWitt Garcia said...

Thinking over you over there! Happy to hear things are going well. I hope things finish up nicely and the trip back goes by quickly!
<3 Lindsay and Xavier :)